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In cooperation with organizations who are in support of open source software development and its use, OSDN provide a download environment of global scale covering all continents and a file-release environment for flexible upload.
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OSDN offer open source projects a full service lineup that includes source code repositories such as Git/Subversion/Mercurial/Bazaar, web-site hosting features, ticket system, web forums, mailing lists, together with a well-integrated and easy-to-use environment for web-based project management.

Novos Liberações

Regata OS 23 (en-US) - Stable, 23.0.17
2023-09-23 01:17: O Regata OS é um sistema operacional baseado no kernel Linux focado em criadores e jogadores, bem como iniciantes no mundo da computação pessoal. O Regata OS é gratuito e de código aberto. Graças à comunidade, evoluiu muito. O Regata OS Store é um dos principais diferenciais do Regata OS (quando comparado a outras distribuições Linux), um local onde a instalação de novos aplicativos é natural e intuitiva, como acontece quando você deseja obter novas extensões para seu navegador favorito ou quando deseja obter um novos aplicativos em seu smartphone Android, por exemplo. Com o Regata OS, você terá um novo tipo de computador para tudo o que adora fazer.
[1-01] pm_extra_tools: Pacemaker-2系追加パッケージ (RHEL8以降) - 1.5-1 (RHEL8/RHEL9)
2023-09-20 04:00: This is "Linux-HA Japan" site for developer. Main site is here http://linux-ha.osdn.jp/ (Japanse only) You can download Pacemaker,Heartbeat Corosync and other necessary RPM packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as yum repository. http://osdn.jp/projects/linux-ha/releases/
adagate - v7.4.3
2023-09-19 11:21: **ver 7.4.3 -- 17sep2023** * Added an exception-handler to shutdown gracefully, in case of abort. This should also allow a normal resume after an abort. * More relaxed camera angles, when possible. * No longer build 32bit Windows executables, just 64-bit windows & linux.
adaventure - v2.3.7
2023-09-19 11:11: **ver 2.3.7 -- 17sep2023** * Fixed a problem with the h-key toggle of intro screen/music. * Implemented a ghost-sword on ceiling, similar to ghost-key. * Bat now grabs dropped sword as planned, ch 1 & ch 3. * In Ch1/Ch3 (as originally planned) if sword is dropped to pickup key, bat grabs sword instead.
Midbar Teensy 4.1 Version - V2.0
2023-09-16 16:20: ESP8266 version of Midbar utilizes the 3DES + AES + Blowfish + Serpent encryption algorithm alongside the ESP8266's built-in memory to store eight passwords and four credit cards in the encrypted form. It also utilizes the HMAC SHA-256 to verify the integrity of the stored logins, which means that if at least one bit of an encrypted login gets flipped, Midbar will inform you about it by displaying the following alert: "Integrity Verification Failed!!!" Midbar V2.0 & V2.5 (ESP32 version) is a password vault, credit card vault, note vault, phone number vault, data encrypter/decrypter, data hasher, SQLite3 host, and one-way secure communication channel - all in one! When it comes to the vault capability - Midbar V2.0 utilizes the 3DES + AES + Blowfish + Serpent encryption algorithm with an integrity verification feature alongside the SQLite3 serverless embedded relational database management system to keep your data safe and organized. Midbar V1.0 (Raspberry Pi Pico Version) is a password vault, credit card vault, note vault, phone number vault, and data encrypter/decrypter - all in one. It utilizes the 3DES + AES + Blowfish + Serpent encryption algorithm in CBC mode with an integrity verification feature alongside the LittleFS to keep your data safe and organized. Midbar V4.0 is an attempt to combine the best aspects of Midbar and Cipherbox. Midbar (Raspberry Pi Pico Version) V2.0 is the Raspberry Pi Pico version of the Midbar V4.0. Midbar V5.0 is the first version of Midbar that stores user data on an external SD card. Midbar (STM32F401CCU6 Version) is the STM32F401CCU6 version of the Midbar V5.0. Midbar (STM32F401CCU6 + Arduino Uno Version) is an attempt to combine the best aspects of Midbar V4.0 and Midbar V5.0 while eliminating the RNG problem present in the Midbar (STM32F401CCU6 Version). Midbar (Teensy 4.1 Version) is the Teensy 4.1 version of the Midbar V5.0 that supports the USB keyboard. Midbar (Teensy 4.1 Version) V2.0 is the first version of Midbar that can function as a USB keyboard. Midbar (RTL8720DN Version) is a bit odd, but still a fully functional version of Midbar. Midbar (RTL8720DN + Arduino Uno Version) is the first version of Midbar that can handle the Nintendo 64 controller. Midbar (ESP8266 Version) V2.0 is the first version of Midbar that can handle the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk. Midbar (STM32F407VET6 Version) is the first version of Midbar that can simultaneously handle the PS2 Keyboard and the Nintendo 64 Controller. The purpose of Midbar is to significantly increase the cost of unauthorized access to its user's personal data. You can find the tutorial for Midbar here: ESP32 Version: https://www.instructables.com/Project-Midbar/ ESP8266 Version: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-ESP8266-Version/ ESP32 Version 2.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-V20/ ESP32 Version 2.5: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-V25/ Raspberry Pi Pico V1.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-Raspberry-Pi-Pico-Version/ ESP32 Version 3.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-V30/ ESP32 Version 4.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-V40/ Raspberry Pi Pico Version V2.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-Raspberry-Pi-Pico-Version-V20/ ESP32 Version 5.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-V50/ STM32F401CCU6 Version V1.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-STM32F401CCU6-Version/ STM32F401CCU6 + Arduino Uno Version V1.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-STM32F401CCU6-Arduino-Uno-Version/ Teensy 4.1 Version: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-Teensy-41-Version/ Teensy 4.1 Version V2.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-Teensy-41-Version-V20/ RTL8720DN Version: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-RTL8720DN-Version/ RTL8720DN + Arduino Uno Version: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-RTL8720DN-Arduino-Uno-Version/ ESP8266 Version V2.0: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-ESP8266-Version-V20/ STM32F407VET6 Version: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-STM32F407VET6-Version/

Site announcement

[Done] Maintenance for Infrastructure full replacement
2021-01-12 02:24: This maintenance has been completed at 18th Jan 08:30 UTC Thank you for your cooperation. All services of OSDN.net will be temporary unavailable on 18th Jan for infrastructure full replacement. Schedule: Services will be offline from 18th Jan 0:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC Affected services: All OSDN.net services include Web access, API, Shell, project web SCM etc... Various hosts IP addresses will be changed after the maintenance. Note: If you setup VHOST DNS etc uses A record (to use IP address directory insted of CNAME we recomenned), you will need to change them after the maintenance.
Mirroring feature of GitHub release to OSDN project storage is beta open
2020-05-25 01:05: Mirroring feature of GitHub release to OSDN project storage is beta open. Please refer this for more details.
Mirroring feature of GitHub release to OSDN File release is beta open
2020-05-07 02:13: Mirroring feature of GitHub release to OSDN File release is beta open. Please refer this for more details.
OSDN.net is Ending Ad Banners and Starting New File Synchronization Feature with GitHub
2020-04-27 07:01: We are proud to announce two major changes on OSDN.net. First, OSDN Division of Appirits Inc. has decided to put an overall end to ad banners that profit the OSDN.net administrator side. Also coming soon is a new synchronization feature with GitHub for File Release and Storage. Background In 2000 when the antecedent organization of OSDN was founded, there were three "D" s that were deemed inevitable for the open-source community to work on open-source development: Develop, Distribute, and Discuss. OSDN laid down a basic policy whose aim was to engage in activities to support the three "D"s. It has been over 20 years since then, and the environment surrounding open source has continued to change dramatically. Nonetheless, those three "D"s still remain to be important to the community even now. OSDN offers features that support the three "D"s to all the open-source-loving communities for free, and it is our essential policy to carry on with our commitment to support these activities. OSDN's activities of the last twenty years were supported by the revenues generated from the ad banners posted on OSDN.net. However, having seen problems after problems of inappropriate and fraudulent advertisements that occurred on our former partner site in the US, and being faced with the excessive evolution of AdTech, it is becoming more and more unavoidable to take actions to ensure privacy protection. It is also true that the ad banners that occupy so much of the space are making it difficult for us to provide ideal UX and UI. Even after our brand name was changed in 2015, OSDN.net has continued its steady and stable growth. Last month, OSDN.net recorded its highest number of unique users. Yet, Appirits Inc., who recognizes open-source technologies as the foundation of its business, figured that by making OSDN.net free of ad banners which profited the company, Appirits can exhibit its supportive stance toward the open-source community, and it is more important to further foster the growth and development of OSDN.net. Schedule for No More Ad Banners For about half of all the OSDN.net pages, ad banners will be removed immediately, which is scheduled to happen at the end of May. However, there are exceptions of some download pages (pages where downloading of files take place) that are allowed to continue posting ads. Please note that ad banners will continue to appear on OSDN Magazine for some time. Financial Support Offered to Open Source Projects Now here is the reason why there are exceptions to the no more ad policy. We have been offering financial support to some of the open-source projects as a part of our activities, and so we will continue to allow these projects to post ad banners only on their download pages. All the revenues that are generated from the ads posted on these pages will go to the open-source project side. Moreover, for projects whose scale has reached a certain standard, we are planning to create a mechanism that enables open-source projects to post ad banners or donation guide on their own. Synchronization Feature with GitHub for File Release and File Storage In May 2020, we are introducing a new sync feature with GitHub for File Release and File Storage. This new feature enables the target Release/Tag in the GitHub repository to be automatically synchronized to OSDN.net, and it is available for both File Release and File Storage. This allows users to simultaneously release software via OSDN.net global mirror network when there’s a new release on GitHub. - For File Release Feature: (Scheduled to) Start offering Beta on May 7, 2020. - For File Storage Feature: Start offering Beta in May 2020. (The exact timing will be decided after having examined the new feature on File Release.) Under the circumstances in which the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the world, Appirits recognizes that there are more and more roles that open source can and should play, and we will continue to commit ourselves to the growth and development of OSDN.net and support infrastructures dedicated to the open-source community. -- Shuji Sado General Manager of OSDN Div., Appirits Inc.
Starting the Global Version of OSDN Magazine
2020-02-26 14:19: We have set up a new column called OSDN Magazine, which delivers open-source related news. In the side header, there is a tab called Magazine, which you may have already notice. You will see some news articles there. We originally translated some open-source related news sites, like NewsForge and Linux.com, into a Japanese, and we ran a website centered on them. Still to this day, we run the website, which is called OSDN Magazine. Having such background, OSDN Magazine had been a website that only supports Japanese, but now we are determined to gradually globalize it. Currently, there are only few articles, but our plan is to offer more and more contents besides news articles in the future. OSDN Magazine https://osdn.net/mag/