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List of OSDN Services

Here, we will briefly cover each services that are offered to projects hosted by OSDN. OSDN offers free-of-charge hosting service for Open Source projects. The list of services will get longer as new services are added or existing services get modified.

Please read the help page for more details on each service. If there's any question or if something is unclear, please fill in and submit your request for support from OSDN Admin project.

Down below is the list of services currently offered by OSDN.

Web tools for Collaboration Development

At OSDN, almost all functions such as Wiki, ticket, and forum have management functions that run on web. You can easily maintain and manage every aspect of your project on web. Even user management like user registration and deletion or setting per-user access right for each function are done on a web page. You can also have access to statistical information per project, like how frequently is a certain function being used.

Git/SVN/Mercurial/Bazaar Repository (Source Maintenance and Management)

Each project hosted by OSDN is autimatically provided with its own Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Bazaar repository. Project developers are automatically granted access right to write into project's Git/SVN/Mercurial/Bazaar repository. The only right granted to general users is anonymous loading. You can also browse the contents of Git/SVN/Mercurial/Bazaar repository from web interface of the project. (note: Since 2014-07-15, you can no longer create a new CVS repository.)

Software Release

Projects hosted by OSDN can release softwares through the use of web-based file release system. By releasing softwares through OSDN's system you can reach out to more users, and you can also track the number of times the software is downloaded. Softwares that are released through the use of OSDN's file release system will be placed in the network constructed by multiple mirror servers.


Each project can release news. To help you deliver project information to the diverse users, news that are posted not only will be displayed on project summary page but also can be displayed on OSDN's top page on request.

Wiki (Creating Documents)

  • Projects Wiki :[projectname]/wiki/
  • PersonalForge Wiki :[username]/[personalforgename]/wiki/

All the projects are provided with Wiki system which project members or users can freely use. You can use language grammar that is similar to Trac, MoinMoin, and the pages that are created can be generated in PDF. It can be used for a wide range of uses like project introduction and creating and releasing development documents. On how to use Wiki, please read WikiGuide.

Simple Document

  • How to install document :[projectname]/howto/install
  • How to use document :[projectname]/howto/usage

We also provide simple document function to briefly write down things, like how to install and how to use for the benefit of the users of the project's product. You can directly renew documents from the above URL, so please check it out.


We offer a set of integration support management tool called Ticket. Ticket is a mean for users to send support request and a mean for developers to easily submit patch for the review, and it provides an idea box that allows anyone to put out a request for a new function.

These tools are extremely easy for developers and even for end users to use, and it only takes a minimal time to notify a problem or to respond to that. Even if there's just one item of ticket that was updated, users and developers equally receive a mail for an automatic update which allows everyone to learn about the latest status of the problems or requests.

Mailing List and Discussion Forum

We provide web-based discussion forum and mailing list to promote interaction among users, implementation of opinion, and discussion among developers. Creating and setting up project management page can be easily don through the use of either of them. Discussion forum is the same as web-based bulletin board system. Also, because the mailing list uses GNU Mailman, things like joining and leaving the mailing list or browsing archives can all be done on web.

It's up to each project to use either the forum or the mailing list, but for a bit complicated discussion, it's preferable to use mailing list mainly.

Project Top Page / Development Dashboard

  • Project top page:[projectname]/

This URL will take you to the project's entrance.

Depending on being a “project member” or “other user”, you will be shown a different display when accessing this URL. For general users, it will display exactly the same contents as the URL below.

  • Project information for general users:[projectname]/simple/

On this page, information is laid out in an organized manner to help users access the actual contents of the project and the project's product.

The contents included in this page are project overview, the latest post such as forum and tickets, short reviews by the users, and category map for software downloads. Keeping information laid out in a well organized manner is recommended, because this will be the page shown to the general users to help them understand the project. Also, access the above URL to check the display.

It also provides project dashboard for the project members to help them easily recognize the activity status of the development or project, and when the project member access the project's top page, this page will be shown.

  • Project Dashboard:[projectname]/devel/

Shell Server

  • Shell Server:

OSDN user can access the shell account through SSH. With this shell, you can use basic shell functions, have the crontab of the account, and use it to directly manipulate project's web contents. To use shell server, you will need to register SSH public key beforehand.

Project Web Server

  • Project Web Server : http://[projectname]

One of the important things about project management is to offer potential users and existing users the information about project. In order to meet this goal, OSDN provides project web server for each project.

You can access project web server from this URL, http://[projectname], and there you can exhibit document files and CGI.


You can share and distribute text files such as source codes, a part of set up files, ascii art, and other various writings. For more details, read here.

VHOST service

At OSDN, we offer VHOST service for OSDN projects. By using this, each user can access the project's web server provided by OSDN with the domain name owned by the owner. It's only limited to the users with his/her own domain, but it is a useful service if you wish to manage a project with your domain. Setting up VHOST service can easily be done on web by accessing interface on the Project Admin page.

MySQL Data Base Services

On request, each project are provided with MySQL data base. A project can use this data base for development or testing and to operate the components of the project's web site. Project's MySQL data base can be accessed from the PHP script on project's web server, so you can provide demonstrations of extensions and releases (depending on the project's type).

Software Map

Would you like to extend your horizons regarding your project? The projects that are hosted by OSDN can categorize oneself with using the software map. If you categorize your project with the software map, users who are interested in a kind of software like yours can find your project easily.

Project's Short Review

It is not a function that directly has something to do with the project operation, but a user who uses the project's product can post a simple comment or a review on the project from a text box such as the one on the project's top page.

Project History / Statistics

  • Project History:[projectname]/history/

Activities within the project are recorded as history, and it can be browsed from the project history page.

  • Project Statistics:[projectname]/stats/

For each project, number of page views and downloads are counted everyday. You can check them from project's statistic information page.

Links to External Sites (Such as

You can set up the project activity to automatically tweet.