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Provide the R-code from the book "Mixed Methods" (translated English draft title from original German draft title "Methoden kombinieren") written by Gürtler & Huber (work-in-progress).
The goal is to provider R-helper functions as well as the R-code necessary to reproduce the research examples from the book. If possible, original raw data are provided too. Some scripts use datasets from R-packages and some rare scripts use data that are not allowed to he published (third party data).
Scripts provide more code than code examples printed in the book, so that examples can be reproduced fully.
The goal of the book is to provide basic topics to think about and to question related to classical statistics (Fisher, Neyman-Pearson), exploratory data analysis (Tukey), Bayesian statistics, quantitative text analysis, qualitative data analysis (no R-code possible) as well as logical Boolean analyses (Ragin).

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The OnStepper is intended to be an advantageous replacement for the basic OnStep usage programs (actually, Smart Web Server and Android App).

It is able to communicate with OnStep via WiFi or direct connection via USB. In both modes, LX200 commands are used directly, as described on the OnStep website, without the need to install ASCOM drivers, just the basic driver that Windows itself needs (CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller)

The OnStep is a computer controlled stepper motor goto system for telescopes with Equatorial and Alt/Az mounts.

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検査の車上化のマンマシンのプロジェクトです。 インターネット上にリポジトリを配置したいのです。

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TWRP for lisa (Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE)

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Compiled Roms for S10 Lite community

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Test Repo
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management tools is growing in popularity

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Travel app for rent and buy houses

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Compiled Roms for Poco X3 Pro

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Some Open-Source Prebuilt Custom Android Rom is released here !

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