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Últimas Arquivo Comunicados

angband65 (Angband/65 0.0.1 (preAlpha))2009-04-10 16:19

Recent Tickets

pval flags not being loaded correctly.2009-05-21 23:54
A debug command generated Ring of Speed will have the flag TR3_AFRAID as well as the flag TR0_SPEED1. Similar proble...(Nenhum)
More stuff to check in defines.h2009-05-21 19:05
Support "Staff of the Magi" etc.2009-05-21 18:50
The function add_spells_mage_staff in cmd-obj.c needs to be given a wrapper (and need to check it works). Possibly s...(Nenhum)
Check x-spell.c for things that need to be changed for Angband/652009-05-21 18:48
x-spell.c is a Vanilla Angband source file that does not exist in /64. Need to check it for functions that may need ...(Nenhum)
Things to check from calc_bonuses function in Angband/642009-05-20 17:21
Some of these may already have been dealt with. Other effects noted in calc_bonuses function from xtra1.c 'mule leg...(Nenhum)