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2020-10-21 09:17 (by nilskor)

With no reviews, feedback, donations or contributions of any kind, Nilskör will be closing the door on bloss OS.
With no sign of life from the community, we have other projects to be working on.


2020-09-01 11:22 (by nilskor)

Apologies for the slow rate of updates in the news, we're just very busy. Our first release of our Single Page Application framework for our website is just about done, which means we'll be hoping to release our website shortly.
Also behind (Show more...)


2020-06-10 15:37 (by nilskor)

We're hoping to release Preview 2 soon, which will feature an APT repository for the Bloss OS unique files that are included in the build. That way when you do any updates, you won't lose any Bloss specific features .. which currently happens with Preview 1.


2020-03-02 22:52 (by nilskor)

Did we mention that we're running Swift on our OS?! As well as all the other great languages available on Linux, we've embedded Swift as a core component that we want to build on for the future. Stay tuned! Go bloss OS :)


2020-02-14 17:55 (by nilskor)

On the very latest laptops, the graphic drivers and installation procedures for switchable graphics has (or still is) in an interesting state of affairs.
NVIDIA appears to have done some great work to fix the situation, and we are hoping to (Show more...)

2020-02-14 16:01 (by nilskor)

Anyone wishing to assist with contributions or translations for some of the outstanding material should get in contact - we would love to hear from you !
You'll find us on Twitter @bloss_os, github and email or


2020-02-13 13:50 (by nilskor)

With ver.1.0 (Fennec) being our first release, we still have lots of documentation to finish writing and the web-site to finalise. Please be patient as we work our way through all of that.

2020-02-13 13:47 (by nilskor)

For those that have downloaded and tried Preview 1, any feedback you have would be fantastic!


2020-02-01 17:52 (by nilskor)

After 12 months of heavy development, we finally have something to put out.
Initially, some of these news posts are us testing as a suitable location to host the bloss OS files from.
Listed as a current download is an em (Show more...)
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