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Projeto Descrição

Developing multi-platform and international edition of ISO Full BASIC.

System Requirements

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Liberado: 2017-06-19 15:55
BASIC_generic (2 files Esconder)

Release Notes

BASIC_generic is an implementation of Full BASIC independent of CPU's and OS's.
 This can be compiled with
FPC 2.6.4 + Lazarus 1.2.4 
FPC 3.0.2 + Lazarus 1.6.4
 On porting to other platforms, rewrite EOL's in sconsts.pas.
 MyUtils.pas and Stack.pas need to be rewritten..

Known Incompatibly with Full BASIC standard
The acuracy of trigonometric functions does not meet with the requirement of Full BASIC standard. For example, SIN(PI) or COS(PI/2) returns zero, which is not acurate because  PI is an approximate number, which is  rational.
CPUおよびOSに依存しないFull BASIC処理系です。
FPC 2.6.4 + Lazarus 1.2.4 
FPC 3.0.2 + Lazarus 1.6.4

三角関数の正確さはFull BASIC規格を満たしません。


Fixed the fault that a PLOT LINES drew wrong segments for LINE STYLE 2 or upper.

LINE STYLE が2以上のときPLOT LINESが不正な線分を描く不具合を修正