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Developing multi-platform and international edition of ISO Full BASIC.

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Liberado: 2017-06-21 09:10
Decimal BASIC (Linux) (4 files Esconder)

Release Notes

Decimal BASIC Ver.  2017/06/21
Decimal BASIC implements the GRAPHICS module and the MODULES module of ANSI/ISO Full BASIC except for a little incompatibility. 
The executable files are compiled with FPC 3.0.2 + Lazarus 1.6.4. 
十進BASIC Ver.  2017/06/21
JIS Full BASIC 図形機能単位+モジュール機能単位+単文字入力機能単位に対応します(若干の非互換があります)。 


Fixed the fault PLOT LINES did work properly on Linux.

Linuxで,PLOT LINESが正しく動作しない不具合を修正