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2022-02-26 10:12
Hg: a79d60c46684b3471a96
2022-02-25 10:20
Hg: 6729fc9cc1bfa0ad6f6c

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2022-04-19 23:50
Either a) eliminate the trimming of leading whitespace, or b) document the behavior. Trimming leading whitespace mes...
2022-02-25 12:39
Add settings in the connect section of execsql.conf to allow specification of a list of comma-separated ODBC driver n...
2020-12-05 05:32
Allow a comma-delimited list of tables or views to display, and if there is a list, show them all in a tab control
2020-03-09 22:00
2020-02-27 03:27
Use the criteria used by the Unix 'file' command, as implemented in Python (see

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