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Go over transport hotkeys

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3.1 has actions for entering and exiting a transportation unit. Maybe we should go over the current hotkeys to see it some better mapping to the actions can be done?

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2021-06-30 18:59 Updated by: kvilhaugsvik
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2021-07-01 11:40 Updated by: lexxie9952

"Maybe" is a soft polite way to say it. But you're right. The hotkeys should now fit the new actions and action-names.

Freeciv now has a beautiful six-part logic symmetry to all cargo-actions to replace the asymmetric actions from before. Each of the three modes of cargo-action comes in a pair of CARGO ON and CARGO OFF. 3x2 = 6 cargo-actions:

Embark/Disembark - action done over adjacent tile.

Load/Unload -- action done by transporter to same tile.

Board/Deboard ("Alight") - action done by cargo passenger to same tile.

Each pair has a positive name for cargo-on and a 'negative' name for cargo-off (same word but starts with un-, dis-, de-)

I run a 3.x server. The beautiful simplicity of the new solution is confusing players ONLY because we try to force it into the hotkeys of the old syste: "Activate cargo units" (U) seems like Unload. "Board transport" (L), seems like Transport Load. And so on...

I propose we discuss making the new hotkeys could be to nicely fit the new symmetry of new actions and their new names.

The following concrete proposal can start people to discuss it.


new key, action, current key

shift-A, Activate cargo units, shift-U

shift-B, Board transport, L

shift-T, Deboard transport, no hotkey

shift-L, Load transport, no key

shift-U, Unload transport, T (deboard all)

NOTES for why these were proposed: 1. All cargo-actions have SHIFT, to not make asymmetric memory issues over mod-keys. 2. Scarcity of primary hotkeys is freed up, L and T become available for other things. 3. Each key is mnemonic to the first letter of its English word, except for shift-T which would conflict with shift-D for disband. But even this one is not too bad since (1) it is mnemonic to the 'T' in Deboard (T)ransport, and (2) similar to the action from the previous T hotkey.

Like I said, this is just a proposal to start discussion on the pros/cons of different ideas.

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