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AberSim makes use of the Motorola as11 assembler
and the sim68xx simulator to provide a graphical
integrated development and simulation environment
for the 68HC11 processor. It is designed to be
simple for additional simulated hardware to be

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2005-10-08 15:31

Esta versão corrige a sintaxe que destaca e inclui um simples método de instalação para o pacote tar.gz..
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release fixes syntax highlighting and includes a simpler install
method for the .tar.gz package.

2005-10-08 00:55

Esta primeira versão tem mais funcionalidades básicas disponíveis. É possível montar programas, executá-las no simulador, saída de vídeo, a execução completa do programa através de um display this, e permitir o manual passo a passo pelo programa.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This first release has most basic functionality available. It can assemble programs, run them on the simulator, display output, track program execution through a listing display, and allow for manual stepping through the program.

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