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Adime is a library for constructing Allegro GUI
dialogs in a way similar to scanf(), using a
format string. Other features include a
(customizable) 3d look and feel, 3d versions of
some of Allegro's GUI procs, complete help in many
formats (HTML, txt, chm, texinfo, man, devhelp,
and RTF), and four example programs. Adime can
currently be compiled on Linux, Windows/MinGW32,
Windows/Borland C++, Windows/MSVC, DOS/DJGPP,
DOS/Watcom, Apple MacOS X, and QNX.

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2005-09-21 08:54

Ajustes foram feitos para o novo protótipo Allegro para _add_exit_func (). Um problema no makefile MSVC foi corrigido.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
Adjustments were made for Allegro's new prototype
for _add_exit_func(). An issue in MSVC's makefile
was fixed.

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