Project Description

Active-DVI is a DVI previewer and a programmable
presenter for slides written in LaTeX. The
previewer features color anti-aliasing, inclusion
of images with alpha channel and blending,
encapsulated Postscript file inclusion, Gpic
specials to display pictures, correct treatment of
many inlined-Postscript specials, page background
settings, and Japanese pTeX DVI extension support.
To present your DVI files, it features basic
effects for presentation (pause, delay, dynamic
text color change), annotations displayed on
demand (similar to pop-up balloons), hyperlinks
from slide to slide or to other files, replay of
previously recorded parts of the display, text
movements, page transitions, embedded
applications, and scratching on slide to
interactively modify the text on screen. Its
special effects are set and launched from within
your LaTeX source file via the macros of the
advi.sty LaTeX package provided by the
distribution. In addition, Caml hackers can
program new and fancy Active-DVI effects in the
source code of the presenter.

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