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AIDS (AJAX Image Dump System) is a simple, yet
powerful AJAX-based image host system. It's geared
toward forum usage, and it generates bb-code for
cutting and pasting into forums that support
bb-code. It lets people create user accounts to
keep track of their pictures, reaccess them later
to view stats, delete them, or simply copy the
bb-code again.

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2008-01-22 01:16

O bug que impedia o registro do usuário do trabalho foi corrigido. Alguns recursos novos foram adicionados. A possibilidade de injeção de SQL em grave viewimage.php foi removido, a atualização é altamente recomendada.
Tags: Major bugfixes
The bug that stopped user registration from working has been fixed. A few new features have been added. A serious SQL injection possibility in viewimage.php has been removed, upgrading is highly recommended.

2007-06-20 16:47

Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2007-06-18 01:25

Esta versão corrige um monte de pequenos bugs irritantes e, geralmente, limpa o código para uso externo necessidade do autor.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release fixes a lot of minor irritating bugs, and generally cleans up the code for usage outside the author's need.

2007-06-13 15:57

Esta versão foi modificada para utilizar as funções AJAX livre. Alguns novos recursos foram implementados. Um monte de código foi comentada.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This release has been modified to use free AJAX
functions. Some new features were implemented. A
lot of code was commented.

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