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This package can be used to implement aspect
oriented programming (AOP) by executing the code
of classes that enable orthogonal aspects at run-
time. The intention is to provide a means to
implement orthogonal aspects in separate classes
that may be an interesting add to the application,
like logging, caching, transaction control, etc.,
without affecting the main business logic. The
package provides base classes for implementing
defining point cuts where the code of an advice
class is called to implement actions of the
orthogonal aspects that an application may need to

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2006-02-15 16:31

As aulas de Orientação e Aconselhamento foram reestruturados. O modelo de programa agora está mais flexível. As máscaras foram adicionados em pointcuts. O arquivo readme foi adicionado.
Tags: Code cleanup
The Aspect and Advice classes were restructured.
The program model is now more flexible. Masks were
added into pointcuts. The readme file was added.

2005-10-18 23:40

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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