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The Ad hoc Protocol Evaluation testbed is a
small Linux distribution intended for the
analysis of ad hoc networking environments. It
is self-contained and pre-configured, and
contains tools for data gathering at both the IP
and ethernet level. It also has a scenario
scripting system, which enables APE test runs
to use movement choreography, with
instructions to participants.

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2008-01-25 08:21

Foi adicionado suporte para novos protocolos de roteamento ad hoc. DSR-UU incluída. Foi adicionado suporte para o roteador CLIQUE modular. buildroot agora é usado para o sistema de arquivos raiz APE para melhorar o suporte para compilação cruzada.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
Support was added for new Ad hoc routing
protocols. DSR-UU is included. Support was added
for the CLICK modular router. buildroot is now
used for the APE root filesystem to improve
support for cross-compiling.

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