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bbconf is a GUI configurator for the Blackbox window manager. It's written in
C++ and Qt, and uses plugins for extensibility. bbconf is distributed with 4
plugins, and replaces the previously separate Blackbox/bbkeys configurators
called toolbox and bbkeysconf. The plugins that come with bbconf are: a theme
editor (which replaces toolbox), a keybinding editor modelled after the KDE
keybinding editor (which replaces bbkeysconf), a preferences editor for bbconf
itself, and a Blackbox menu editor. As time permits, more plugins will be
written for bbconf that will allow configuration of all aspects of Blackbox
sessions, including Blackbox's rc-file, bbpager, etc.

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2002-07-18 10:35

Esta versão corrige o plugin keybinding do comando add.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable
This release fixes the keybinding plugin's add command.

2002-01-23 19:32

Major bugfixes e melhorias foram feitas. Compilação correções foram feitas para distribuições baseadas em RPM e FreeBSD. Man pages Nova foram escritos. Melhorias no plugin keybindings incluem a capacidade de editar keybindings blackbox outros arquivos de ~ /. Bbkeysrc. Melhorias na classe principal do plugin incluir mensagens mais erros para o arquivo escrever as tentativas. bbconf agora tem a capacidade de aceitar a linha de comando argumentos e passá-las para plugins individual.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Stable
Major bugfixes and enhancements were made. Compilation fixes were made for
RPM-based distributions and FreeBSD. New man pages were written. Enhancements
in the keybindings plugin include the ability to edit blackbox keybindings
files other than ~/.bbkeysrc. Enhancements in main plugin class include better
errors messages for file write attempts. bbconf now has the ability to accept
command-line arguments and pass them to individual plugins.

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