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beancounter enables stockmarket data analysis and performance evaluation. It has two main modes. The first is data gathering - both current data (e.g. closing prices, high, low, volume etc.) and historical price data can be retrieved efficiently using multiple securities per requests, and stored in an SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite are supported) via easy command line operations. The second mode is data analysis, based on the previously stored data. This comprises various performance reports, as well as a Value-at-Risk analysis. beancounter is implemented as a Perl module, and a Perl command-line frontend to the module. It supports different stock markets from around the globe, foreign exchange rates, US mutual funds, and US options.

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O código de acesso ao banco de dados foi melhorada: finish () é sempre chamado, identificadores de instrução são verificados, e inicialização DBI foi simplificada. Mais testes para variáveis indefinidas foram adicionados, eo código de mapeamento moeda foi reorganizado.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
The database access code has been improved:
finish() is always called, statement handles are
checked, and DBI initialization has been
simplified. More tests for undefined variables
have been added, and the currency mapping code has
been reorganized.

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