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BOTEC is a simple but useful calculator that
assists with astrophysical, orbital mechanics,
and space navigation calculations. It is
a "back-of-the-envelope calculator" rather
than an industrial-strength calculator,
although this may change in the future. It is
primarily intended for people familiar with
physics and Python, and as such is unlikely to
be useful to the average end user. It includes
solar system data, and all values are strictly in
SI units.

System Requirements

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2006-08-27 12:48

Nomeado cometas foram adicionados ao banco de dados. Correções foram aplicadas a Oberth manobras a partir de superfícies planetárias.
Named comets were added to the database. Fixes
were applied to Oberth maneuvers starting from
planetary surfaces.

2006-07-30 08:09

Correções de bugs e pequenos ajustes foram feitos. O banco de dados foi atualizado.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Bugfixes and minor tweaks were made. The database
was updated.

2005-07-31 08:16

Bugfixes foram feitas em cálculos de energia total. Manipulação Melhor de manobras Oberth foi implementado.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Bugfixes were made in total energy computations.
Better handling of Oberth maneuvers was

2005-01-16 07:38

Esta versão transferências separadas manobras e adicionou suporte para manobras Oberth.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This version separated transfers from maneuvers and added support for Oberth maneuvers.

2004-09-19 08:05

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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