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cbl2pg is a library to connect Cobol programs to PostgreSQL databases. It currently works with TinyCobol and AcuCOBOL, but should work with all the Cobol compilers that can call a dynamic library. The library converts all datatypes from libpg to Cobol datatypes.

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2009-10-22 23:00

Esta versão inclui o arquivo de copyright e as informações de licença no código-fonte.
Tags: Stable
This version includes the COPYRIGHT file and the license information in the source code.

2009-10-21 01:55

Este é o anúncio inicial no freshmeat. O projeto é estável e tem trabalhado em produção por mais de 2 anos.
Tags: Stable
This is the initial announcement on freshmeat. The project is stable and has been working in production for more than 2 years.

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