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Chesley is a chess engine targeting Unix-like platforms and the xboard GUI. It implements a number of modern chess programming techniques, including bitboard move generation, transposition tables, etc.

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2009-09-20 15:47

A partir deste lançamento, Chesley é estável e razoavelmente forte aparato de xadrez amador. Esta versão traz muitas correções de bugs sérios, a melhoria significativa da força, suporte do Windows, e os trabalhos iniciais sobre as estatísticas corpus para bases PGN.
As of this release, Chesley is a stable and reasonably strong hobbyist Chess engine. This release features many fixes for serious bugs, significant strength improvements, Windows support, and initial work on corpus statistics for PGN databases.

2009-06-27 06:06

Initial release.
Tags: Major, Stable
Initial release.

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