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Catch the Knuddelmonster is a puzzle/action game.
The goal of the game is leading the
Knuddelmonster along a small path to "Mimi". The
game is based on the "ClanLib" library.

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2002-07-11 05:43

Um "guia" para alternar entre blockselect para teclados especiais foi adicionado, bem como apresenta o estado. Aa Blockset novos blocos com menos perfeito foi criado, porque são mais fáceis de manusear. Carregar e salvar funcionalidade foi adicionada para a classe Level. A documentação sobre o formato de nível foi criado.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
A "tab" key to switch between blockselect for special keyboards has been added, as well as status displays. Aa new blockset with less perfect blocks has been created, because they are easier to handle. Load and save functionality has been added to the Level class. The documentation about the level format has been created.

2002-07-08 09:58

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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