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Xataface is a flexible and shapable skin that sits on top of MySQL, making it accessible to every-day users. It automatically generates the appropriate forms, lists, and menus for a user to interact with the database without having to know any SQL. It is a full-featured Web application framework, and gives developers the flexibility to customize the features and behavior of their application via configuration files (using the simple INI-file syntax), templates, and plug-ins. A generic application with no customizations is completely functional, but the developer is free to customize things at his leisure.

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2011-08-07 16:41 Back to release list

Um bug foi corrigido que poderia causar uma possível perda de precisão ao editar campos flutuar se a localidade LC_NUMERIC servidor usa vírgulas para pontos decimais.
A bug was fixed that could cause a possible loss of precision when editing float fields if the server LC_NUMERIC locale uses commas for decimal points.

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