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DB-Everywhere is a database administration
application for MySQL, Oracle, and SAPDB (MaxSQL).
The languages used are JavaScript and Java
(JSP/servlet). As it is using JDBC, it will be
able to work with any database (Derby, PostgreSQL,

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2008-01-22 07:06

Problemas com acentos em consultas SQL foram corrigidos. O Maven2 processo de construção agora é usado.
Tags: Code cleanup
Problems with accents in SQL queries were fixed. The Maven2 build process is now used.

2007-12-31 16:05

Um problema com clicar no botão "selecionar" no campo "Mostrar" guia para uma tabela foi corrigido. Um problema com o desempenho do Oracle Tabelas informação foi corrigido. As seqüências podem ser gerenciados. Um delimitador foi adicionado na forma de SQL.
Tags: Major bugfixes
A problem with clicking the "select" field in
"Show" tab for a table was fixed. A problem with
the performance of Oracle Tables information was
fixed. Sequences can be managed. A delimiter was
added in the SQL form.

2007-12-29 00:45

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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