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Devel::Profiler is a Perl profiler designed as a
drop-in replacement for Devel::DProf. It outputs
data in the same format as Devel::DProf and
supports the dprofpp frontend.

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2002-06-11 04:04

Tags: Minor bugfixes

2002-06-05 03:00

"hz" e sub_filter "opções foram adicionadas. O package_filter existentes "opção" foi melhorado. Devel:: perfis:: Apache funcionalidade foi melhorada. Bumerous bugs, pequenos e grandes, foram corrigidos.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
"hz" and "sub_filter" options have been added. The existing "package_filter" option has been improved. Devel::Profiler::Apache functionality has been enhanced. Bumerous bugs, small and large, have been fixed.

2002-05-23 07:39

Devel:: Profiler pode agora ser usado para o perfil Apache / mod_perl aplicações usando Devel:: perfis:: Apache. Uma nova opção package_filter flexível permite a filtragem de pacotes. Vários bugs também foram corrigidos.
Tags: Major bugfixes
Devel::Profiler can now be used to profile Apache/mod_perl applications using Devel::Profiler::Apache. A new package_filter option allows flexible filtering of packages. Numerous bugs were also fixed.

2002-05-21 01:50

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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