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Dillo Web browser is a very fast, extremely small Web browser that's written in C and C++. The source is around 600 KB, and the static binary is about 980KB. It is a graphical browser built upon FLTK-1.3, and it renders a good subset of HTML and CSS, excluding frames, JavaScript, and JVM support.

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2011-07-27 05:53 Back to release list

Este é o último lançamento da série dillo-2.x, que é baseado no FLTK2.0 depreciado agora. Ele vem com algumas melhorias no CSS, cookies, e "view source". A grande novidade é que Dillo3, uma porta para o FLTK-1.3 mais moderno, é esperado para estar disponível em questão de semanas.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This is the last release of the dillo-2.x series, which is based on the now deprecated FLTK2.0. It comes with some improvements in CSS, cookies, and "view source". The big news is that Dillo3, a port to the more modern FLTK-1.3, is expected to be available in a matter of weeks.

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