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discmage handles all kinds of CD images. It rips
single tracks, mounts images or tracks using FUSE,
repairs broken ISO tracks, and much more.

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2006-08-28 15:10

Esta versão foi totalmente reescrito. Uma estrutura de filtro foi adicionado.
Tags: Code cleanup
This version was completely rewritten. A filter
framework was added.

2003-06-21 07:32

Algumas correções e limpezas, mais verbosidade, e suporte a imagens exclusivas GameCube.
Some bugfixes and cleanups, more verbosity, and
support for proprietary GameCube images.

2003-05-20 15:15

Apoio e reconhecimento para imagens Discjuggler foi adicionado. Rasga a de faixas individuais também parece funcionar. Os patches são muito bem-vinda.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
Support and recognition for Discjuggler images was added. Ripping of single tracks also seems to work. Patches are highly welcome.

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