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The DLini library provides functions for reading and writing Windows style .ini files. It mimics the Windows API for .ini file handling exactly, so it can be used to port Windows applications that use .ini files to other platforms.

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2005-10-17 19:27

Novas funções completou: GetPrivateProfileStruct, GetPrivateProfileSection e GetPrivateProfileSectionNames. Alguns opcionais de saída de depuração e um fora-de-por-um erro ter sido corrigido. Scripts autoconf / automake foram adicionados.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
New functions completed: GetPrivateProfileStruct, GetPrivateProfileSection, and GetPrivateProfileSectionNames. Some optional debug output and an off-by-one error have been corrected. Autoconf/Automake scripts have been added.

2005-09-11 15:40

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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