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dnscrypt-proxy acts as a DNS proxy between a regular client, like a DNS cache or an operating system stub resolver, and a DNSCrypt-aware resolver, like OpenDNS. The DNSCrypt protocol focuses on securing communications between a client and its first-level resolver. While not providing end-to-end security, it protects the local network (which is often the weakest link in the chain) against man-in-the-middle attacks. It also provides some confidentiality to DNS queries.

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2012-03-08 10:12

DNSCrypt agora oferece suporte a sistemas baseados em uclibc, iOS e Win32.
DNSCrypt now supports uclibc-based systems, iOS, and Win32.

2011-12-15 09:31

Suporte para Windows foi melhorado, e problemas de compilação com Dragonfly BSD-corrente e Openwall Linux foram resolvidos.
A documentação agora inclui uma descrição do protocolo.
Support for Windows has been improved, and compilation issues with Dragonfly BSD-current and Openwall Linux have been resolved.
The documentation now includes a description of the protocol.

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