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Docindex is an open, extensible system that permits Web-based catalog searches and access-controlled fetch from a group of document repositories on multiple CVS (extensible to other) servers. Documents remain under CVS version control and are made available to Web users using bookmarkable URLs pointing to specific versions or branches.

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2002-07-13 21:33

Esta versão tem correções de bugs de instalação e configuração.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release has installation and configuration bugfixes.

2002-06-27 11:26

Nesta versão, os obstáculos conhecidos para instalação e configuração foram corrigidos. Erro de recuperação e notificação de e-mail de analisar os erros foram adicionados.
Tags: Major bugfixes
In this release, known obstacles to installation and configuration have been fixed. Error recovery and email notification of parsing errors have been added.

2002-06-25 02:39

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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