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Dual DHCP DNS Server is a DHCP server combined
with a caching DNS server that is sensitive to the
names that were allocated by the DHCP server. It
has built in dynamic updates, and also supports
BOOTP PXE network booting and client specific
options. It is self-configuring, doesn't require
the creation of zone files, and uses little memory
and CPU time. Either one of the two services can
be turned off.

System Requirements

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2011-09-06 12:00

A questão de inicialização Opção de arquivos com pxeboot foi corrigido.
A Boot File Option issue with PXEBoot was fixed.

2011-05-25 18:28

DHCP log foi melhorada. O script daemonizing foi corrigido na versão Linux. Linux detecção interface foi melhorada.
Tags: Stable
DHCP logging was improved. The daemonizing script was fixed in the Linux version. Linux interface detection was improved.

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