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e-Bot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It's main functioning is based on the Perl module, which makes possible its use on most servers that support Perl. Most bots use the Net::IRC module, and by doing that, limit their use, because Net:IRC doesn't work on most servers.

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2001-10-20 09:29

Uma versão em Inglês foi adicionado. Identificação Nick foi corrigido. ! anfitrião é implementado. Apenas os administradores têm acesso a! Addquote e delquote!, Enquanto que os utilizadores têm agora acesso normal fazer! Picasa,! NQuotes e orçamento!.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
An English version was added. Nick identification was fixed. !host is implemented. Only admins now have access to !addquote and !delquote, while normal users now have access do !rquote, !nquotes, and !quote.

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