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Eligante is software for archival, management and
browsing (with full-text search functions) of all
your communications, be it via email, chat (IRC,
ICQ, MSN, etc.), or even messaging Web sites (hi5,
orkut, etc.). Messages are fetched from their
original source and stored in a MySQL database. A
Web interface allows you to search all data. The
strength of eligante lies in the ability to tie
all the various accounts your friends may have
into a single virtual account. In this way, you
can see all the conversations you had with
someone, independently of where the conversation
took place.

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2005-12-17 20:18

MS suporte do Windows foi adicionado. Um servidor HTTP interno leve foi adicionada para quem não quer instalar o Apache. SQLite foi adicionado.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
MS Windows support was added. An internal
lightweight HTTP server was added for those who
don't want to install Apache. SQLite support was

2005-11-17 19:48

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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