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Enca detects the encoding of text files, on the basis of knowledge of their language. It can also convert them to other encodings, allowing you to recode files without knowing their current encoding. It supports most of Central and East European languages, and a few Unicode variants, independently on language.

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2010-02-10 00:34

Uma possível corrupção de dados com o conversor recode foi corrigido.
A possible data corruption with the recode converter was fixed.

2009-10-29 23:32

Alguns vazamentos de memória e problemas autoconf foram corrigidos.
Some memory leaks and autoconf issues were fixed.

2009-09-25 23:58

Esta versão corrige autoconf e problemas de compilação.
This release fixes autoconf and compilation problems.

2009-08-26 02:29

Há um novo mantenedor upstream. Detecção da Bielorrússia foi corrigido.
There is a new upstream maintainer. Belarussian detection has been fixed.

2005-12-18 14:50

Suporte para HZ GB2312 codificado foi adicionado. GB2312 e detecção Big5 foram melhorados.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Support for HZ encoded GB2312 was added. GB2312
and Big5 detection were improved.

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