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flex.rb is a regexp matching and scanning library for the Ruby language. It is more than 3 times faster than Ruby regexps, and supports matching text arriving in multiple parts (via async, non-blocking I/O). flex.rb embeds the GNU Flex 2.5.4 (fast lexical analyzer generator) as an engine, and all of Flex's functionality is accessible from Ruby scripts.

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2001-05-30 20:08

Documentação correções menores foram feitas, e dois erros foram corrigidos no Flex mais #.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Minor documentation fixes were made, and two bugs were corrected in Flex#most.

2001-01-30 15:12

Um novo método Flex.most que dá os scripts Ruby todo o poder do Flex gerados scanners C, uma testsuite abrangente, uma documentação tutorial com exemplos, e mais aprofundada.
A new Flex.most method which gives the Ruby scripts all the power of Flex-generated C scanners, a comprehensive testsuite, a tutorial with examples, and more thorough documentation.

2001-01-30 15:12

Initial freshmeat announcement.
Initial freshmeat announcement.

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