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FreeBSD-boot-rescue is a small FreeBSD CD system for the purpose of system booting or rescue. It supports the following filesystems: ext2/3 (rw), ufs1/2 (rw), NTFS (ro), NFS (rw), MS-DOS FAT16/32 (rw), ReiserFS (ro), smbfs (rw), UDF (ro), and ISO9660 (ro).

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2005-11-15 07:56

O sistema FreeBSD foi atualizado para a versão 6.0.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
The FreeBSD system was updated to version 6.0.

2003-08-05 23:17

A UDF SMBFS e sistemas de arquivos foram adicionados, e alguns dos programas foi atualizada.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
The UDF and SMBFS filesystems were added, and some of the software was updated.

2003-07-12 19:20

Alguns novos programas foram adicionados: o visualizador de imagens zgv, cdrecord / dvdrecord, ferramentas e DVD + RW.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
Some new programs were added: the zgv image viewer, cdrecord/dvdrecord, and dvd+rw tools.

2003-06-11 03:29

Esta versão adiciona rede ethernet / DSL / cabo suporte e atualizações para o kernel 5.1.
This release adds network ethernet/dsl/cable support and updates the
kernel to 5.1.

2003-05-31 05:28

Tags: Minor bugfixes

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