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G4L is a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool. The created images are optionally compressed, and they can be stored on a local hard drive or transferred to an anonymous FTP server. A drive can be cloned using the "Click'n'Clone" function. G4L supports file splitting if the local filesystem does not support writing files larger than 2GB. The included kernel supports ATA, serial-ATA, and SCSI drives. Common network cards are supported. It is packaged as a bootable CD image with an ncurses GUI for easy use.

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2011-09-05 15:23 Back to release list

Esta versão tinha 70 alphas, por isso tem muitas atualizações do kernel e programas de apoio além de algumas correções de script. A ISO e kit de desenvolvimento foram atualizados, mas a documentação ainda não foi atualizado.
This release had 70 alphas, so it has lots of kernel updates and support programs plus some script fixes. The ISO and development kit were updated, but the documentation has not yet been updated.

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