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ganttweb is a tool for publishing Gantt charts on
the Web. It dynamically translates ganttproject
(.gan) or GNOME Planner (.planner) files into
HTML. You can also use the core of the program (an
HTML file) as a template for building standalone
Gantt charts in HTML format for desktop or email use.

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2005-09-18 11:48

Compatibilidade com o Internet Explorer, o Camino eo Safari foi adicionado. A versão 2.0 foi apenas compatível com o Mozilla / Firefox.
Tags: Major bugfixes
Compatibility with Internet Explorer, Camino, and
Safari was added. Version 2.0 was only compatible
with Mozilla/Firefox.

2005-09-08 09:58

O programa foi reconstruído com uma mais dinâmica, mais usável, e interface mais agradável.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
The program was rebuilt with a more dynamic, more usable, and more agreeable interface.

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