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gdivelog is a SCUBA dive logging application for
GNOME which can be extended via plugins. There are
currently plugins available to download Suunto
dive computers (Cobra, Mosquito, Spyder, Stinger,
Vyper and Vytec), ReefNet's Sensus Pro dive
logger, Citizen Hyper Aqualand watch, and to
import from SmartTrak/DAN DL7 and Suunto Dive
Manager 2. Other differentiating features include
being able to split and merge dives and a
hierarchical tree structure for dive sites.

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2005-09-14 08:17

Um erro grave e alguns pequenos bugs foram corrigidos.
Tags: Major bugfixes
A major bug and some minor bugs were fixed.

2005-09-11 13:48

Principalmente mudanças cosméticas foram feitas, mas a interface do plugin foi também alterado, de modo plugins terá de ser atualizado com as últimas versões. Gdivelog-sensuspro-plugin-0.3.1 e gdivelog-smarttrak-plugin-0.2 foram liberados.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Mainly cosmetic changes were done, but the plugin
interface has also been changed, so plugins will
need to be upgraded to the latest versions.
gdivelog-sensuspro-plugin-0.3.1 and
gdivelog-smarttrak-plugin-0.2 were released.

2005-09-05 04:15

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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