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Gnomoku is a GTK-based Gomoku game for X. It can be played either by two human players (using TCP/IP in a client/server fashion) or against a computer AI (ported from the Emacs gomoku game).

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2002-05-28 21:51

Esta é a porta Gnomoku para GNOME 2. Esta versão é atualizada para refletir as alterações recentes gtkmm 1,3 API, e possui uma enorme quantidade de novas traduções.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This is the Gnomoku port to GNOME 2. This release is updated to reflect recent GTKmm 1.3 API changes, and has a huge amount of new translations.

2001-01-30 15:12

Um novo / melhoria da interface do usuário usando o GNOME, eo uso do autoconf / automake.
A new/improved UI using GNOME, and use of autoconf/automake.

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