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Go! is a PHP 5.4 library that allows developers to add support for aspect-oriented programming (AOP) to their PHP applications. It doesn't require PECL extensions, Runkit, evals, or DI containers. The code with weaved aspects is fully readable and native, and can be easily debugged with XDebug. You can debug either classes or aspects. It can potentially* be installed in every PHP application because you don't have to change the application source code at all. As an example, with the help of 10-20 lines of code it is possible to intercept all of the public, protected, and static methods in all classes of an application, and display the name and the arguments of each method during its execution.

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2013-01-22 03:58

Esta versão adiciona suporte de aconselhamento de introdução. Ele corrige um bug com o compositor autoloader antecedendo. Ele corrige uma dependência doutrina comum: > = 2.0.0, < 2.4.0.
Tags: 0.1.1
This release adds introduction advice support. It fixes a bug with composer autoloader prepending. It fixes a doctrine/common dependency: >=2.0.0, <2.4.0.

2013-01-10 16:00

Lançamento inicial.
Initial release.

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