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ifile was one of the first implementations of a "Bayesian" mail filter. It has been adapted to a number of different clients: MH, EXMH, GNUS, PINE, and procmail-compatible clients.

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2005-11-12 19:54

Uma opção de novo limiar foi adicionado. Várias correções de bugs e limpeza de código foram feitos.
Tags: Development
A new threshold option was added. Various bugfixes
and code cleanups were done.

2003-02-02 07:14

Neste ifile versão não core dumps se o banco não existe e que o usuário dá uma dessas opções:-Q,-Q,-l ou-u.
Tags: Development
In this version ifile no longer dumps core if the database doesn't exist and the user gives one of these options: -q, -Q, -l, or -u.

2002-09-12 02:58

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Development

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