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Ice Hockey Manager (IHM) is a hockey franchise
management and simulation game. It features a
highly realistic in-game play-by-play simulation
engine, simulates full regular seasons and
playoffs, has completely customizable gameplay
(edit teams, players, settings), and much more.
Currently, the game focuses on the Swiss Leagues,
but there are plans for an NHL add-on pack in the
very near future.

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2006-02-08 11:35

IHM é agora capaz de suportar vários motores de partida e corresponder as apresentações. O patrocínio e gestão de infra-estrutura foi fortemente melhorada. New GUIs estão incluídos para a melhoria arena (conforto, condição, etc) e as negociações de patrocínio.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
IHM is now able to support multiple match engines
and match presentations. The sponsoring and
infrastructure management was heavily improved.
New GUIs are included for arena improvement
(comfort, condition, etc.) and sponsoring

2005-01-31 20:22

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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