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JADC (Advanced Digital Clock) is both a digital
clock and a time counter (countdown or countup
display, to or from a particular time). It is a
browser-independent and highly-configurable Java
applet, and could be easily customized with your
own graphics and time format to achieve an
unlimited variety of appearances and behaviors.
This distribution include 255 images (17 different
sets of digits).

System Requirements

System requirement is not defined
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2006-02-09 12:11

A licença foi alterada para o GPL.
Tags: Code cleanup
The license was changed to the GPL.

2003-11-21 12:28

Esta versão adiciona os valores padrão no modo de contador.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This version adds the default values in counter mode.

2003-09-24 16:05

O problema de cintilação applet foi resolvido.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
The applet flickering problem has been resolved.

2003-05-26 16:34

A limitação de 20 segundos na versão demo foi removido. A documentação foi atualizada.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
The 20 seconds limitation on the demo version has been removed. The documentation has been updated.

2003-05-13 15:09

O contrato de licença de usuário final do software foi atualizada.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
The end user software license agreement was updated.

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