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Jetspeed-2 is a full implementation of the Java
Portlet API. It is fully compliant with the
Portlet Specification 1.0 (JSR-168). It has passed
the TCK (Test Compatibility Kit) suite and is
fully CERTIFIED to the Java Portlet Standard.
Notable features include security components
backed by LDAP and database implementations, and
some robust administration interfaces. Custom
portals can be built and deployed using the
Jetspeed plugin for Maven. Developers can use the
Jetspeed PSML language to assemble portlets, and
the Apache Portals Bridges project to 'bridge'
portals with existing technologies including
Struts, JSF, PHP, and Perl. For GUI designers,
Jetspeed comes with several built-in templates
used to decorate portals and portlets.

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