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jXLS is Java component for exporting data to the Excel file format using XLS templates. It features simple property access notation, complex object graph export, flexible collection export, formula support, charts, macros, and many other Excel features in XLS templates, dynamic outlines, dynamic column hiding, dynamic cell style processing through custom CellProcessors, and JDBC ResultSet export.

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2008-01-16 20:17

Fórmula apoio foi estendido para manipular valores fórmula padrão. O jxls pacote leitor foi consideravelmente melhorado. Agora ele usa a classe Jacarta ConvertUtils para conversão de valores de células do Excel para propriedades de feijão, e automaticamente trata todos os tipos primitivos e java.util.Date. Tratamento de erros foi melhorado também.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Formula support has been extended to handle default formula values. The jxls-reader package was considerably improved. Now it uses the Jakarta ConvertUtils class for conversion from Excel cell values into bean properties, and automatically handles all the primitive and java.util.Date types. Error handling was improved as well.

2005-07-31 09:01

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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