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Kflickr MT is a patchset against Kflickr, a standalone Flickr uploader
for KDE. It allows easy uploading with drag-and-drop. Common attributes
can be edited before sending the photo. Multiple users are supported. It
allows adding pictures to groups and sets and resizing, rotating, and
re-compressing images.

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2005-11-21 09:37

A imagem que está sendo carregado agora é mostrado na lista. O tamanho do arquivo agora é mostrado como está no disco. Um arquivo contando recurso foi adicionado. Tag do grupo que edita foi fixada (novamente). Inline edição de vários multi-word tags foi corrigido.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
The image that is currently being uploaded is now
shown in the list. The filesize is now shown as it
is on disk. A file counting feature was added. Tag
batch editing was fixed (again). Inline editing of
multiple multi-word tags was fixed.

2005-11-19 15:43

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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