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libStreamedXML is a parser for Streamed XML, a
simplified subset of XML initially developed for
networked embedded applications. Streamed XML was
designed to be simpler and more robust than XML
while still keeping the overall structure of such
a document. libStreamedXML is a C++ parser
providing an event-based interface (much like sax).

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2006-08-25 06:56

libCStreamedXML e um programa de teste foram adicionados. libCStreamedXML é uma implementação menor e mais simples de um analisador XML Streamed escrito em C.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
libCStreamedXML and a test program were added.
libCStreamedXML is a smaller and simpler
implementation of a Streamed XML parser written in

2006-08-25 06:55

Um novo sistema de construção é utilizado. Exceções agora tem suporte para mostrar a linha ea coluna dos dados de origem em que ocorreu. As exceções são devidamente herdado de std:: exception.
Tags: Code cleanup
A new build system is used. Exceptions now have
support for showing the line and column of the
source data on which they occurred. Exceptions are
now properly inherited from std::exception.

2006-06-13 03:11

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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