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libutf8++ is a C++ library for encoding/decoding UTF-8. It encodes UCS-4 (32-bit characters) into UTF-8 and decodes UTF-8 to UCS-4. It uses libutf8 internally to achieve this. Simple string encode/decode functions are provided, as well as more complex objects for dealing with large amounts of data (or streamed data) more efficiently.

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2006-08-25 06:51

Um pequeno bug na geração do arquivo pkgconfig foi corrigido.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
A minor bug in the pkgconfig file generation was

2006-07-31 19:33

Um novo sistema de construção e uma nova URL.
Tags: Code cleanup
A new build system and a new URL.

2006-06-13 03:11

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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