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Monitorix is a lightweight system monitoring tool designed to monitor as many services and system resources as possible. It has been created to be used under production Linux/UNIX servers, but due to its simplicity and small size may also be used on embedded devices as well.

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2013-02-02 08:21 Back to release list

Esta versão inclui uma série de melhorias no gráfico de MySQL. Ele também inclui um novo recurso na contabilização de tráfego de porta de rede para oferecer suporte a conexões de entrada e de saída. Existem novos recursos de alertas no gráfico MTA Mail que deve ajudar a indicar se o número de mensagens entregues por minuto é superior a algum limite definido e se a fila de mensagens está crescendo por qualquer motivo. Há outras alterações e correções de bugs.
Tags: minor enhacements, Minor bugfixes
This release includes a number of improvements in the MySQL graph. It also includes a new feature in the Network Port traffic accounting to support either incoming and outgoing connections. There are new alert capabilities in the Mail MTA graph that should help indicate whether the number of delivered messages per minute is exceeding some defined threshold and if the mail queue is growing for any reason. There are other changes and bugfixes.

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