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mserver is a collection of software to allow easy organization, backup, and
searching of your MP3 collection. The backend is written in Perl, and the front
end is written in PHP4. Song information is stored in a MySQL database, so
users can browse and search through large music collections quickly and easily.
No special client software is needed since the songs are streamed over the Web.

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2002-06-07 01:01

Esta versão corrige bugs no db.sql, choosePlaylist.php e viewPlaylist.php. A interface para msadd foi melhorada para ajudar com a adição de música sem etiquetas ID3.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release fixes bugs in db.sql, choosePlaylist.php, and viewPlaylist.php. The interface for msadd has been improved to help with adding music without ID3 tags.

2002-05-17 03:36

A configuração back-end tem sido agrupados em um arquivo para facilitar a instalação. A interface lista foi alterada para funcionar melhor com listas de maiores dimensões. Código foi adicionado para marcar os arquivos a serem tomadas offline. Existe um novo script para limpar o banco de dados MServer e árvore de arquivos MP3, eliminando entradas obsoletas e diretórios vazios.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
The backend configuration has been merged into one file for easier installation. The playlist interface has been changed to work better with larger playlists. Code has been added to mark files to be taken offline. There is a new script to clean up the mserver database and MP3 file tree by deleting stale entries and empty directories.

2002-04-13 02:16

Um bug no QuickAdd que retornou URLs defeito foi corrigido.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
A bug in quickAdd that returned faulty URLs has been fixed.

2002-04-10 10:02

Algumas correções e limpeza de código, bem como a lista de apoio reforçada. Adicionado QuickAdd e apoio upload canção.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Some bugfixes and code cleanup, as well as enhanced playlist support. Added quickadd and song upload support.

2002-01-22 17:59

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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